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  • 16 blocks. 4 different colours. 4 different inserts -acrylic, sand, beads and water.
  • Suitable for children 18m+
  • Rubberwood surrounds
  • Dimensions: The rectangle measures 140(L) x 70(W) x 40(D)mm

Product description

The Sensory Blocks are an innovative multi-sensory resource which support Knowledge & Understanding of the World, Exploration & Investigation, and Creative Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The set of 16 blocks with large hardwood surrounds containing beads, transparent acrylic, coloured sand and water/glitter filled pockets in four different shapes. The Sensory Blocks have a variety of learning outcomes. They can be used to explore shape, light, sound, colour, and texture, for sorting and matching, as construction blocks, and to encourage children to express and demonstrate their discoveries. They work particularly well when used on a light box or panel, creating further interest and opportunity for exploration. The bead-filled blocks each contain a varying quantity of beads, allowing for different sounds when each block is rattled. Used inside a feely bag, or mystery box, there is an opportunity for precise sound and shape recognition. The sand and water-filled blocks can be rotated to fascinating effect as the contents fall to the lowest point, helping children to further explore and understand the shapes and material properties. Children are instantly fascinated by the Sensory Blocks and are keen to describe them, communicate the sequences they have discovered and explore their properties. Items on this page may not be suitable for unsupervised use by children under the age of 3 owing to small parts that could represent a choking hazard. They are educational products not toys.

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